Sunday, September 5, 2010


Mari's Blueboy boyfriend for her girl cyclops mug (see below)

RoseMari's Baby -- her blue boyfriend is pictured above
Laszlo's Bipolar Drinkin buddy -- good day

Laszlo's Bipolar Drinkin buddy -- bad day

Angelina Jolips

I caught this monster in the Gulf of Alaksa.  I did not make him, but I AM going to eat him.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I guess there is someone else called monstermugs because I could not get that as my blog address. I"ll have to go look them up.

I'm in Kodiak right now. When I get home I've got to make Robert's monster jug and monster mug -- I threw them a few days before I left and sprizted them thoroughly and covered them with plastic and put them in the busted freezer to stay wet until I returned from fishing in Kodiak Alaska.

We head home tomorrow at 8:35 am but won't be home until 4 pm Sunday.
Airports all the way -- no stays at a hotel.


Got to go drive the 11 mile road one way and the 9 mile road the other way, and that will be our scenic tour of Kodiak.